Mech Potato New Product April

Mech Potato New Product April

Hey guys its April now and here are some new products that are coming on April. We will continue bring more toys for you guys!

Laser Tag Blaster Series

The M&P 40 and STS USP there is also a new Light Target coming in as well, the pictures/video will be updated soon.

We also got few shooting target as well for train purposes. For the new targets they come in big and small sizes to suit your needs.

Bigger Sized Targets

Smaller Sized Targets

And lastly a new type of 2-in-1 blaster for gel and soft dart. The YT-688 which can use gel or darts depending on your liking.

Last but not least got some Misc stuff for balisong lovers. Comes in a lot of different and suitable for training!

Hope you guys are excited about the new stock. Hope it arrives sooner! Bye guys.

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